hosreback riding

Horseback Riding Lessons

We are proud to own and operate the furthest west equestrian center in the United States! We currently provide riding lesson options for local students, and in the near future, we plan to offer trail rides for guests.

1-hour lesson: $125

For all ages. Under the age of 8 can split time with two kids (a sibling is preferred, or it can be another child close to the same age). Includes horse care for before and after riding. Clients must provide their own paddock boots and helmets if one of ours does not fit.

In the near future we plan to offer trail rides for locals and guests alike. Please follow our social media accounts or this website for more information and for updates!

Birthday Parties and Events

We can host birthday parties at the farm. The rate is $175/hr. We can also haul up to two horses to a different location for an event, and the rate for hauling is $225/hr. Both of these are a 2-hour minimum. Please contact us for more information.


Meet the Horses

Silhouette grazing


A 16-year-old Norwegian Fjord Horse mare. She is the boss of our herd, and while she may run the corral, she loves kids! She is one of our lesson horses and also has experience working as an equine therapy horse.



A 3-year-old Norwegian Fjord Horse gelding, and the youngest of our herd. He’s still pretty green, so he’s primarily used for our friends and family that are experienced riders. We are still working on ground manners, but this sweet guy has a lot of potential, and we plan to train him to be our sleigh and wagon puller.

Skor with a rider


A 7-year-old Icelandic Horse gelding. A crowd favorite, this sweet guy is full of personality. He is an excellent lesson horse, and like his Norwegian Fjord Horse buddies, is ideally suited for the weather and cross-country riding. An excellent horse for both the beginner and experienced rider, he is full of personality and sass.

horse Tandri


Tandri (pronounced tun-dree) is a local horse that came to us by chance! He is a 20-year-old Icelandic gelding, and we discovered he originally came from the same farm as Skor. He's been a wonderful addition to the herd, and you could never tell he is 20; he's full of spunk and moves like he's a youngster. His horse friend that recently passed was 37, so not only is he no longer by himself, but we look forward to many more years with him.

horseback riding in Alaska countryside
horses lying down
hosreback riding
trail riding